Jovana Milosavljevic-Ardeljan

Jovana Milosavljevic Ardeljan

Director of Career, Professional and Community Development
Office: Graduate School - Thompson Hall, 105 Main St., Durham, NH 03824

Dr. Milosavljevic Ardeljan is a double alumna from UNH with an MA in Linguistics and a PhD in Education, Leadership and Policy. She just finished one year of a post-doc appointment at UNH where she did an overview of professional development opportunities for graduate students, post-docs, and faculty. In addition to being a renowned professional in the field of career and professional development, she brings a wealth of experience. In her various roles at UNH, she’s designed, delivered, and led an array of programs that provide holistic support for graduate students to help them navigate graduate school and prepare for their future careers in academia and beyond. Please reach out to Dr. Milosavljevic Ardeljan to discuss ways for her to collaborate to support your students’ career and professional development needs; you can contact her directly at