Careers & Networking

Achieving your goals starts with setting them. We encourage students to explore career paths and opportunities to prepare for the future they envision for themselves. Students will find programming for careers both within and outside of academia, as well as hands-on training for specific skills to make them more competitive in the job market. Follow your interests and find opportunities to begin building towards your professional goals.

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    “This is a very useful resource for all grad students. Because the interviews deal with the particular details of that person, a grad student can pull out only what they need. I don’t think it matters what level or program you are in, you can make use of large portions this platform.” - Anonymous UNH Graduate Student survey response.


UNH Graduate School Events and Resources

Career Advising

Whatever career you think you want to pursue, it's good to start preparing for it early on. Or if you're unsure which path you want to follow it's important to learn what your options are in the early stages of your graduate degree. If you'd like to learn more about your career options, make an appointment with our career, Professional, & Community Development Director, Jovana Milosavljevic Ardeljan for career advising.

Exploring Your Future Series: Career Options and Life After Grad School

This annual event series has been designed to help you, a student or post-doc, to understand how to match your career path to your experience and values, teach you the skills to help you land that dream job, and give you the knowledge and tools to responsibly manage your finances now and into the future. Check out the four series events below!

Key Themes for This Event: Job Searches, Career Options, Bridging Academia and Industry, Networking, Achieve A Fulfilling Career

Your graduate degree is your stepping-stone to a rewarding career, but how do you decide on that next step? In this semester’s four-part career series, Exploring Your Future: Career Options and Life After Grad School, we aim to empower grad students and post-docs with the knowledge and skills to identify exciting career paths, develop healthy & productive work habits, and find fulfilling jobs. In Finding Your Path: Exploring Careers Outside Academia, we'll talk about how to identify and stay true to your personal values as they relate to your career, assess your skills and qualifications, and the process behind your successful job search. Whether you are just starting graduate school or already have your degree, this session will help you clarify your career vision and create goals to help you turn those dreams into reality. Facilitated by Dr. Mike Ferguson, UNH Graduate School Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of Recreation Management & Policy.

Event Details: September 27th, 2022, 1:30-3:30pm in Hamilton-Smith room G21.

Key Themes for This Event: Job Searches, Interviewing, Networking, Bridging Academia and Industry, Time Management, Effective Oral Communication, Achieve A Fulfilling Career

Looking to make the most of your time in grad school to build a productive, fulfilling career?  There are many things you can do start doing today to build the future you want! This seminar will address how you can use your time at UNH to better make the jump to your future professional life. We’ll discuss tips and tricks for more effective time management so you can reach your short- and long-term goals. You will learn how to make connections with those working in and out of academia and how to market your experiences and skills to potential employers. These communication skills will help you thrive in graduate school and beyond. This is our second event in the Exploring Your Future: Career Options & Life After Graduate School series. Facilitated by Dr. Mike Ferguson, UNH Graduate School Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of Recreation Management & Policy.

Event Details: October 12th, 2022, 1:30-3:30pm in Hamilton-Smith Room G21. Register here.

Key Themes for This Event: Financial Wellbeing, Finances & Funding

Financial well-being is one of life’s consistent concerns and the Graduate School wants to help you build a strong financial foundation. We continue our Exploring Your Future: Career Options & Life After Graduate School series with a focus on finances. In this session, we will focus on the ways you can manage, save, and spend your money responsibly and sustainably—right now. We will cover basic topics, including how to budget, pay off debt, build credit, conscious spending, choosing a bank, and make the most of your current income. We’ll build on this foundation in the next session, Understanding Money: Advanced Financial Literacy. Facilitated by Dr. Mike Ferguson, UNH Graduate School Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of Recreation Management & Policy. 

Event Details: October 26th, 2022, 1:30-3:00pm in Hamilton-Smith Room G21. Register here.

Key Themes for This Event: Financial Wellbeing, Finances & Funding

Previously, in our Exploring Your Future: Career Options & Life After Graduate School series, we learned about basic financial literacy. This session will dive deeper into budgeting, investing, and balancing your current and future needs. We will cover advanced topics, including how to manage debt, optimize credit cards, plan for retirement, automate your money, and how to approach the big purchases (e.g., cars, homes). Questions about money can be scary, but you will leave this workshop with the knowledge to start managing and building your wealth, and maintain your financial well-being as you enter the workforce. Facilitated by Dr. Mike Ferguson, UNH Graduate School Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of Recreation Management & Policy.

Event Details: November 9th, 2022, 1:30-3:00pm in Hamilton-Smith room G21. Register here.

Online Platforms for Career and Professional Development

Beyond the Professoriate is a digital platform where doctoral students and PhDs can explore career options and learn job search strategies to secure employment in academia and beyond.

Through two programs of study (Faculty Careers and Professional Careers), students are empowered to make informed decisions about their career path and learn successful job search strategies from other PhDs.

Beyond Graduate School is a one-of-a-kind, training platform that helps master’s students make the most out of their investment and build their careers. UNH Master's students will have access to this resource in the coming months. 

From video lessons on career exploration, to writing application materials, to interviewing and negotiating for that next career step — this platform helps master’s students to degree completion and through each stage of their job search. 

The GCC’s Virtual Career Expo (VCE) is an online career expo for PhD and master’s students, postdocs, and alumni in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Humanities, Arts, and Social Science disciplines. The GCC VCE is a place for you to promote your company, highlight types of positions offered, and recruit for current and/or future job opportunities. Attendees will include those looking for information on future careers, as well as those actively searching for positions.

Broader UNH Events and Resources

Resources for Teaching

The College Teaching Program helps to prepare graduate students for academic teaching positions, and to prepare and enhance the effectiveness of college teaching for faculty members, post-docs, and graduate students enrolled at institutions other than UNH. The transfer and relationship between theory and research and instructional practice is emphasized in all courses. There are additional teaching related resources for graduate students through the Teaching & Learning Resource Hub, the UNH Library, and under Modules Section 6 of the "UNH Graduate School Durham" page found on your myCourses Dashboard.

Current or aspiring K-12 educators can find customized graduate courses for teachers that support unique learning opportunities with individualized mentorship and classroom coaching. Please contact for more information.

Massive Open Online Courses or "MOOCS"  focused on teaching and learning in diverse classrooms are offered by Cornell University through the web-based platform edX. MOOCS are usually self-paced and can be enrolled in a any time.

Resources for Networking

UNH Career and Professional Success offers several opportunities to expand your network and improve your networking skills including online guides covering everything from interviews to social media, Handshake, an online hub for searching and applying for jobs, and Wildcat Connections, and exclusive online community for UNH.

Leadership Labs is a series of hands-on, engaging workshops that provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills, and to dissect and discuss salient leadership challenges our community and broader society are facing. 

Established in 2005, the Office of National Fellowships provides information, counsel, and editorial support to high achieving students applying for national and international fellowships and scholarships. The services of the Fellowships Office are available to undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni of the University.

Departments and Branches

At Career and Professional Success we don't just fix resumes, post jobs, and practice interviews. In partnership with faculty, staff, employers, and our global alumni network, we orchestrate opportunities for experiential learning, mentoring, networking, and personal growth, equipping UNH students with the tools to thrive throughout their lives.

Professional Development & Training is an office within the University of New Hampshire whose mission is to serve individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations in New Hampshire and surrounding regions by offering a wide range of professional development opportunities throughout the year.

The Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning strives to promote the highest quality of student learning by providing full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and teaching graduate students with the resources they need to implement in their classrooms the best practices in college teaching.

UNHInnovation advocates for and manages the transfer of UNH-derived ideas to the public to maximize their social and economic impact. UNHI protects, promotes, and manages UNH's innovations, supports start-up companies based on UNH's intellectual property, and develops new opportunities for university and industry collaboration.

The ECenter delivers unique, hands-on, experiential programming that inspires, nurtures, and mentors students from any major, at every step in the process, anywhere from idea development to company creation. We operate as a start-up in an academic environment, and most programs are donor funded. Led by a proven serial entrepreneur, we are rapidly demonstrating significant success throughout the UNH student community. Being co-curricular means we're able to complement what all students are learning in every classroom on campus. Watch this promotional video for the ECenter to learn more!