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Welcome to the Graduate Student Resources page for the UNH Manchester Campus. Here you will find a basic outline of what is available to you as an on-campus student taking classes at UNH Manchester. Please email with any questions you have about the information on these pages. For more information on events and resources related to professional development, community, and self care visit the Career, Professional, and Community Development webpages.

Are you in crisis or looking to speak with a counselor? Click the link below to be brought directly to the UNH Manchester Student Wellness Webpage.

Student Wellness

Getting Started

Congratulations on your admission to the University of New Hampshire Graduate School! We look forward to seeing you at the Manchester campus. If you have not already done so, please accept your offer of admission in your application portal and activate your MyUNH account: to utilize your UNH Email. This email will be used for all official communications from the University. You can find more information about setting up and using your UNH email address by visiting:

Please take a moment to review important new student information found online: Here you will find information specific to the Manchester Campus including tuition/fees, health insurance, registration, books and parking.

Please check the course schedule for information about when your classes begin, as start dates may vary: This website will also include the room information for your course. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your professor – their contact information will be available on the time/room schedule.

To prepare for your first time on campus, please monitor UNH Manchester’s website for important COVID updates:

Wednesday, January 17 from 11:30 AM-1:30 PM

You are invited to an in-person new graduate student orientation. You will have an opportunity to get your student ID, tour the building, meet graduate school staff and meet other new students.

Please RSVP

There may be a program specific orientation for your program, so make sure to regularly check your UNH email. You can also check out our “Graduate School Manchester Campus” MyCourses page for other important information and resources: Check out our online orientation resources available through MyCourses! If you aren't able to access the module, email: for assistance.





Our Admitted Graduate Student Webinar Series will help you to prepare for studying and for life on our campuses (Durham, Manchester, and Online). At these sessions you will learn more about graduate education at UNH, as well as receive tips and insights for graduate student success.

General sessions will be held on:

 UNH Manchester STEM Specific Programs (Information Technology, Biotechnology, Cybersecurity Engineering)

Congratulations on your admission and we thank you for choosing UNH!

Candice Morey and Hilary Breyer
UNH Graduate School Manchester Office Staff

88 Commercial Street
First floor, Room 125
Manchester, NH 03101-1113
(603) 641-4313GSMC website             


Wednesday, January 17 from 11:30 AM-1:30 PM

You are invited to an in-person new graduate student orientation. You will have an opportunity to get your student ID, tour the building, meet graduate school staff and meet other new students.

Please RSVP here

Manchester Program Specific Orientations:

  • Public Health New Grad Student Orientation (In Person) – Wednesday, January 17  at 10:00am, UNH Manchester, 1st Floor, Room 115. For more information, email:
  • Biotechnology New Grad Student Orientation (In Person) – Wednesday, January 17, 2:00 PM (after General Orientation). Room 625
  • Computing Technology New Grad Student Orientation (In Person, International Students Only) – Wednesday, January 17, 2-4PM (after General Orientation). Room 149
  • International Student Orientation begins on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, with daily sessions continuing throughout the week. Orientation is mandatory, students must attend in person. Students are advised to arrive in Manchester several days before orientation for time zone adjustment.  Connect with other UNH Manchester international students by joining our Facebook group:

It's recommended that all students be aware of important school-specific due dates. The UNH Graduate School Academic Calendar shows grad student registration deadlines, add/drop dates and refund periods. Please note that the UNH e-term calendar operates on a different schedule from the traditional semester model. Online students should reference the online calendar at the link above.

  1. Contact your advisor, other appointed department representative or a graduate academic counselor to help you choose courses for the semester.
  2. Find Course Registration Numbers (CRN) for each class you plan to take. Note: All courses must be listed at the 800 level or above for graduate level credit. You can browse and find specific courses using the time and room schedule.
  3. Access WebCat through myUNH.
  4. After you log in with your UNH credentials, click on Registration.
    1. Make sure 'Select Term' is set to the correct term.
    2. Select 'Add/Drop Classes' and enter the CRN's for the courses to complete registration.

For additional registration information, visit the Manchester Registration Website, the Registrar's Office website, or view the complete guide to Graduate Student Course Registration.

Your UNH ID card is important to the campus. It allows you to check out books and other items from the library, provides you with access to the building, and can be used at many places for local student discounts. Your ID card can also be used for Cat's Cache purchases as it holds a fund balance and works like a debit card. All Manchester graduate students can obtain their ID from the UNH Manchester Security Desk, located on the main floor of UNH Manchester.

All full-time degree students are required to have health insurance as a condition of enrollment. Action must be taken each year (information doesn’t roll forward year to year), and plans must be effective by September 1. Students are enrolled in and charged for the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan by default if they don’t submit a waiver by the semester deadline. Visit the Student Health Insurance webpage for more information.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides services to students who have permanent or temporary disabilities, including students with physical or learning disabilities and students with health issues (mental or physical) which impact their UNH experience. We seek to create a welcoming, universally accessible environment where all students are able to participate in the myriad aspects of the UNH experience. Students have the right (and responsibility) to self-disclose and make use of the services available. To begin this process, students are encouraged to contact SAS to discuss what services, resources, and accommodations exist. The choice –to use or not –is yours. Make an informed choice. We invite you to connect with us to learn about the options available. If at any time you cannot access forms or pages on this site and need to request an accessible format, please email for assistance.

UNH Manchester welcomes returning veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all who have served our country in the military. Whether you’re just starting your college career, transferring from another institution or returning to the classroom after a break in education, you’ll get the resources and support to help you transition from service member to scholar. Please visit the Military and Veteran Students webpage for more information.

If there's anything that UNH loves, it's acronyms. Here is a list of common acronyms you'll hear in the community.


A comprehensive list of forms and policies related to admissions, academics, financial aid, and more can be found on the UNH Graduate School Forms & Policies Webpage

Technology & Online Services

A UNH Wildcat email account has been created for you. This will be the primary mode that many University departments use to communicate their processes and deadlines, so it is imperative you check your email on a regular basis. To activate your account visit the Accessing Student Email – WildcatsMail webpage.

Students can use Webcat to view course schedules, register for courses, view grades, view holds, request enrollment verifications, request transcripts, view degree evaluations, view their bill, pay online, request a refund, and view financial aid information, among a number of other important tasks.

The University utilizes the LMS system MyCourses (also referred to as Canvas), to deliver all online course content. MyCourses is the platform you will use to access your online courses. The login credentials you received during the application process can be used to access the platform. For information on how to navigate Canvas, visit the Canvas: Student Overview webpage.

UNH has created a Tech Checklist where you'll find detailed information on all sorts of online resources and services that you will be using throughout your time at UNH. The checklist includes info on setting up your UNH email, installing Microsoft Office 365, accessing OneDrive or Sharepoint and much more.

Students can find and order the textbooks required for their classes on the UNH Bookstore website. To look up courses, you will need to know the term, department, course number and section of the class.

Financial Information & Tuition

Business Services is the UNH student billing office. They initiate billing, process payments, loans, and scholarships, and counsel students relative to their financial obligations. On the Business Services webpage, students can view tuition costs and read more about how to pay their bill while accessing other important information related to the billing and payment processes.

Mandatory fees are automatically billed to graduate students in addition to tuition. For more information, visit the Information on Fees webpage, and contact with any questions.

UNH’s Financial Aid Office can help students understand the different types of financial aid available to them and guide them through the process of applying for aid and filling out the Department of Education’s FAFSA Form.

Welcome to Manchester, New Hampshire

The Manchester Graduate Office serves to connect and direct graduate students from all programs. Our Manchester offices are on the first floor of UNH Manchester (P123 and P125) just off the elevator. Visit our staff directory for more information, and email for general inquiries.

Manchester is UNH’s urban campus. With a population of over 110,000 people, Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire and the largest north of Boston. Visit the Current Students webpage for more information on general resources.

New restaurants, retail businesses and urban living spaces continue to pop up throughout the downtown. Manchester is easily accessible by many means of transportation, including Manchester Transit Authority and the Manchester-Boston regional airport. The main UNH Manchester website provides a virtual tour of the campus, as well as directions and campus maps.

We cannot endorse any one independently owned apartment complex over another, though many of our students looking to live in the city of Manchester have utilized these companies as housing resources: Heritage at the River (formerly Halstead Apartments), Colonial Village Apartments, the Lofts at Millwest or Greenview Apartments. Most housing requires a social security number for a background check.

Students, faculty and staff may be eligible for campus parking permits. Be aware that cars without permits and cars illegally parked may be ticketed and/or towed. Student permit decals are available for pick up at the UNH Manchester Security Desk. Please be aware you must show your student ID and vehicle registration in order to receive your parking permit. For more information visit the parking webpage.

The Green Dash is a free shuttle that runs on weekdays to ease congestion and parking around the Millyard and downtown Manchester. The Green Dash route begins at Veterans Park, with designated stops at UNH Downtown Commons, Rines Center, UNH Manchester and Market Basket. All other stops along the route operate on a flag system—the driver will only stop if there are passengers waiting to be picked up or if someone pulls the “stop” rope aboard the bus. The bus is wheelchair accessible and equipped with bicycle racks. The schedule and route map is online and available in hard-copy at the UNH Manchester security desk. Your student ID and a bus pass will allow you to ride for free. You can pick up your bus pass at the Security Desk.

For food at the Manchester campus the Granite State Lunchbox is located on the 2nd floor of the building in the Student Commons area. They offer a variety of food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Manchester Campus also has the little food pantry located on the third floor. The pantry is filled with donated food that students may use as needed with no charge.

If you are taking classes in Durham there are several food options. UNH Dining has something for everyone at locations all across campus.

Cat's Cache is a debit account encoded on your UNH photo ID card. It provides cashless access to on-campus vending machines, many products and services across campus, and at many local businesses. It's available for students, faculty and staff. Graduate students can have a Cat’s Cache account added to their ID by simply requesting one through the Dining and ID Office. There is also a transaction box located on the 2nd floor of the Manchester building next to the Granite State Lunchbox. This box allows you to deposit by cash or card directly into your Cat’s Cache account.

We encourage you to explore all information regarding services of the UNH Police Department such as campus advisories and alerts, crime statistics, crime prevention, victim/witness advocacy, personal safety, escort service, and how to report an emergency situation or other calls for service. To stay up to date on all safety items, check out RAVE Guardian and uSafeUS.

The Manchester Campus also offers a Walk Safe Program. If you are walking from campus and would like a security office to escort you simply ask one of the security officers at the front desk for “a walk safe.” They will be more than happy to get you safely to your destination. Additional information can be found on the UNH Manchester Campus Safety webpage.

Manchester is the perfect location for easy access to the city of Boston, the White Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean all within about an hour drive. Whether you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, an outdoor experience at many local community parks, to see live music or a world class show at our indoor arena, or a place to grab a bite to eat after class, we’ve got you covered. Check out the About Our City webpage to explore all that Manchester has to offer!

Professional Development, Community & Well-being

The Graduate School proudly promotes a holistic vision of professional development for our students and postdocs that is tied directly to mental, physical, and social health. We believe that each individual's path to success lies in a healthy work-life balance and a strong sense of community. Looking for opportunities to learn from experienced professionals? Interested in diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives? Want to speak with a counselor? Visit our Career, Professional, and Community Development webpages to find information about many more of the resources available to you.

Career, Professional, and Community Development