Career Preparation

Achieving your goals starts with setting them. We encourage students to explore career paths and opportunities to prepare for the future they envision for themselves. Students will find programming for careers both within and outside of academia, as well as hands-on training for specific skills to make them more competitive in the job market. Follow your interests and find opportunities to begin building towards your professional goals.

  • aurora
    Aurora by Beyond the Professoriate

    I believe this to be a very useful resource for all grad students. Because the interviews deal with the particular details of that person, a grad student can pull out only what they need or what they relate to. I don’t think it matters what level or even what program a grad student is in. I think they could make use of large portions of Aurora.” - Anonymous UNH Graduate Student survey response.


  • Jovana Milosavljevic-Ardeljan

    I specialize in program development, community building, leadership, graduate student professional development, and graduate student writing & oral communication support. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding any of our programming, including thesis and dissertation writing, Three Minute Thesis, and career planning. 

Upcoming Events

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Various presentations, workshops and guest lectures are held throughout the academic year that focus on the development of graduate students interested in working in higher education as a faculty or staff member. The core goals of this programming include collaborating and partnering with professional organizations to increase the knowledge of graduate students, gaining professional development experiences in order to balace research, teaching and service demands, and emphasizing the roles and responsibilities for faculty. These workshops occur several times per semester with dinner provided. Examples of workshops include Job Interview Skills, the Search for Funding, Hiring in Academia, Fulbright Faculty Information, Leadership Skills as a Faculty Member, etc. Find event and registration information on the Master Calendar by following the feed above or clicking "view all events."

Check out full recordings of the 2021 Hiring in Academia Series below!

The Graduate School hosts various workshops that focus on increasing knowledge and providing information to students to improve their learning, teaching, mentoring, professional development skills and education. The lunch sessions occur at various times each semester. Examples of workshop themes include Life Beyond Academia in STEM fields, Social Justice Workshop, Presentation Skills, Working with Difficult People, Bystander Responsibility and Affirmative Action, LinkedIn and Social Media, Thesis/Dissertation tips, Grant Writing, etc. Find event and registration information on the Master Calendar by following the feed above or clicking "view all events."

The College Teaching Program helps to prepare graduate students for academic teaching positions, and to prepare and enhance the effectiveness of college teaching for faculty members, post-docs, and graduate students enrolled at institutions other than UNH. The transfer and relationship between theory and research and instructional practice is emphasized in all courses. There are additional teaching related resources for graduate students through the Teaching & Learning Resource Hub, the UNH Library, and under Modules Section 6 of the "UNH Graduate School Durham" page found on your myCourses Dashboard.

Current or aspiring K-12 educators can find customized graduate courses for teachers that support unique learning opportunities with individualized mentorship and classroom coaching. Please contact for more information.

Massive Open Online Courses or "MOOCS"  focused on teaching and learning in diverse classrooms are offered by Cornell University through the web-based platform edX. MOOCS are usually self-paced and can be enrolled in a any time.

Aurora is an eLearning Platform with on-demand, self-paced learning modules that allow PhDs and Postdocs to explore career options and discover ways to apply the skills acquired through their education. More information about Aurora.

Departments and Branches

At Career and Professional Success we don't just fix resumes, post jobs, and practice interviews. In partnership with faculty, staff, employers, and our global alumni network, we orchestrate opportunities for experiential learning, mentoring, networking, and personal growth, equipping UNH students with the tools to thrive throughout their lives.

Professional Development & Training is an office within the University of New Hampshire whose mission is to serve individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations in New Hampshire and surrounding regions by offering a wide range of professional development opportunities throughout the year.

The Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning strives to promote the highest quality of student learning by providing full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and teaching graduate students with the resources they need to implement in their classrooms the best practices in college teaching.

UNHInnovation advocates for and manages the transfer of UNH-derived ideas to the public to maximize their social and economic impact. UNHI protects, promotes, and manages UNH's innovations, supports start-up companies based on UNH's intellectual property, and develops new opportunities for university and industry collaboration.

The ECenter delivers unique, hands-on, experiential programming that inspires, nurtures, and mentors students from any major, at every step in the process, anywhere from idea development to company creation. We operate as a start-up in an academic environment, and most programs are donor funded. Led by a proven serial entrepreneur, we are rapidly demonstrating significant success throughout the UNH student community. Being co-curricular means we're able to complement what all students are learning in every classroom on campus. Watch this promotional video for the ECenter to learn more!