Diversity Resources

NEAGEP is a consortium composed of universities and colleges (including five minority-serving institutions), whose goal is to increase the recruitment and retention of underrepresented U.S. graduate students, via the inter-alliance collaborations. View the resources offered by the universities and colleges below.


Boston University


Boston University | Boston University Diversity & Inclusion (BU D&I) works closely with all of the University’s 17 schools and colleges to help create a positive and welcoming campus climate, and ensure that we are recruiting world-class students, staff, and faculty whose experiences and viewpoints embolden the academic endeavor. Ultimately, we strive to make sure the paths to academic, professional, and social success are open and unimpeded to every member of the BU community.



University of Connecticut | In order to develop an inclusive community for instruction, research and outreach, the University of Connecticut embraces diversity and cultivates leadership, integrity, and engaged citizenship among our students, faculty and staff. This collegian and vibrant environment promotes and nurtures perspectives that are enabled through differences in culture, experience and values. To achieve this goal, the university emphasizes diversity in the recruitment, retention and advancement of students, faculty and staff.



University of Maine | The Office for Diversity and Inclusion serves as a vital and integral resource for students and employees in the areas of equity, inclusion and diversity. The office is dedicated to: 1) supporting University of Maine students from historically underrepresented identities, including but not limited to: sexuality, race, gender identity, spirituality, ethnicity, ability, religion, nationality, socio-economic status, and others; and 2) providing awareness and education to the entire university community around issues of equity, diversity, inclusion and privilege. 



University of Massachusetts | UMass Amherst has a long-standing commitment to social progress and social justice. We value diversity and equity and strive for inclusive excellence in our classrooms, research labs, residence halls, workspaces, and beyond.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology | The Institute Community and Equity Officer (ICEO) serves as a thought leader on the subjects of community, equity, inclusion, and diversity; a focal point for organizing MIT’s related activities and conversations; and a hands-on practitioner who disseminates best practices and inspires the awareness and enthusiasm to help them flourish. The acronym ICEO can refer to either the Office – with staff listed below – or to Institute Community and Equity Officer, John Dozier.

UNH logo


University of New Hampshire | We offer an array of student groups, offices, recruitment initiatives, resources and funding opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds to ensure their success while in graduate school. We encourage you to contact the Graduate School with questions and suggestions about our available resources.

Penn State Logo


Pennsylvania State University | We affirm our personal commitment to the University’s values of dignity and respect for all individuals. We believe that the diverse backgrounds and personal characteristics of employees bring varied perspectives and experiences that enrich the environment of the Finance & Business workplaces. Since a diverse workplace is critical to this organization’s ongoing success, we have emphasized diversity and inclusion in our strategic plan and we are committed to ensuring that it will be a part of our everyday business.

University of Rhode Island


University of Rhode Island | URI is deeply committed to cultivating an academic, working, and living environment that promotes inclusive excellence. We believe that we have much to learn from one another and we are dedicated to providing the means to making that happen through policy-making, programming, critical conversations, thoughtful action, and collaboration between administration, faculty, staff, and students.



Rutgers University | Rutgers University–New Brunswick is committed to building an inclusive community that embodies, reflects, and respects the complexities of all our parts. Discover resources and programming that will help you achieve your goals as we work together to build the community where we can all succeed.

UVM seal


University of Vermont | At UVM, our culture of diversity and acceptance comes only from the active pursuit of it. Please allow us to walk you through the ways in which our administration, staff, faculty and students help to realize a safe and common ground at UVM. Establishing a diverse and inclusive culture is a priority at the University of Vermont. In fact, UVM holds that diversity and academic excellence are inseparable.