UNH Graduate Research Programs

University of New Hampshire Graduate School

As a leader in sustainability, cutting edge research, and the intellectual hub for the state, UNH is leading the way and our graduate students are a critical part of those efforts. 

With award-winning faculty, cutting-edge facilities and a main campus within reach of everything from the mountains and ocean to the major metropolitan hub of Boston, we put you at the edge of possible.

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

The College of Life Sciences and Agriculture 

At COLSA, we seek to make a difference — from identifying the molecular pathway that leads to a new treatment for disease, to understanding the complex forces that impact our ecosystems and natural landscapes, to finding solutions for a global food system tasked with feeding billions.
Here, you will deepen your understanding of the world and learn to find sustainable responses to the planet’s biggest challenges. Leading edge research and hands-on experiences, combined with practical skill building in the lab and in the field, will create a firm foundation for your future.

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

CEPS empowers creative thinkers, innovative problem solvers and leaders to make a difference. With world-class programs and faculty mentors, students actively engage in rigorous academics and hands on learning and research opportunities to have an impact in their profession, their community and the world.